I am a software developer with 8+ years of experience.

I’m currently working as a Research Engineer at Forter, developing new methods aimed to protect E-commerce merchants from credit-card fraud.

Before I’ve started working at Forter, I helped creating a cross-platform PJSIP & WebRTC-based SDK for mobile devices while working at GreenfieldTech LTD.

I’ve served as a Network Security R&D Specialist in the Israeli Ministry of Defence for 3 years and i’ve also worked as a VoIP developer/integrator, freelancing for few years.

My love to computers and electronics goes back to the age of 8, when i’ve built my first PC from spare parts my uncle got for me.

Some of my (all-time / current) favorite technologies are Python, Asterisk, Selenium, Homebridge, and Mobile development (specifially SDKs) but more than anything - I love finding / solving problems.